CA Properties currently manages hundreds of apartments, houses and condominiums in the city and surrounding suburbs.
The properties we handle include many styles:

  • Renovated Victorian Mansions
  • Classic Colonials
  • Tudor Town Homes
  • Typical ’50s Pittsburgh Architecture

Along with the tax benefits available to real estate investors come tenant management issues. CA Properties will design a management plan especially for your property. You can participate as much or as little as you desire in the management of your properties. CA Properties is your solution to property management. We provide:

Rental Collection:
Tenants pay their rent directly to CA Properties. We then send you a statement outlining your monthly income and expenses along with your check.

Tenant Placement:
CA Properties carefully screens all prospective tenant credit reports and thoroughly researches references before proceeding with any lease. When negative issues arise during the term of the lease, CA Properties will handle all court-related issues. We utilize all resources available to remove problem tenants in as little time as possible.

Repair Calls:
We work with independent contractors who handle various types of repairs at the lowest possible cost. These are independent contractors, not employees, who carry their own insurance. There are no third-party charges…you pay what we pay.
Everyone has the right and deserves to live in well-maintained housing…that’s why our properties span many price ranges.